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JBB Woodshop

About Us

My name is Johnny Bradley. I have always worked either for myself or sub contracted for another construction company. My dream has always been to have my own woodshop and start letting myself create. I began in 1973 with a trunk of a tree cleaning it and shellacking it and having a glass custom cut for the top to make a really fine end table. Since that time, my creativity has been in the homes and buildings I helped build.

I began two years ago from an idea a friend of mine shared to make pens. It started with making simple oak, mahogany, walnut and poplar wood. I looked at the deer antlers I had and thought, "why not?" As I made each one, I found that each one is unique in its own way. They are custom made. What you see is an antler when I begin and before I am done, I feel I found a real design in that antler and it is so unique. I believe it is a God's gift and I love seeing people's faces when they first look at each one and see the different designs.